ADPfusion- Efficient, high-level dynamic programming.

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Rules of the type X → ε denote termination of parsing if X is empty.

Orphan instances

(TermStream m (Z :. pos) (TermSymbol M (Epsilon lg)) (Elm (Term1 (Elm ls (PointR i))) (Z :. PointR i)) (Z :. PointR i), posLeft ~ LeftPosTy pos (Epsilon lg) (PointR i), TermStaticVar pos (Epsilon lg) (PointR i), MkStream m posLeft ls (PointR i)) => MkStream m (pos :: Type) (ls :!: Epsilon lg) (PointR i) Source # 
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mkStream :: Proxy pos -> (ls :!: Epsilon lg) -> Int# -> LimitType (PointR i) -> PointR i -> Stream m (Elm (ls :!: Epsilon lg) (PointR i)) Source #

TermStreamContext m ps ts s x0 i0 is (PointR I) => TermStream m (ps :. IStatic d :: Type) (TermSymbol ts (Epsilon lg)) s (is :. PointR I) Source # 
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termStream :: Proxy (ps :. IStatic d) -> TermSymbol ts (Epsilon lg) -> LimitType (is :. PointR I) -> (is :. PointR I) -> Stream m (TermState s Z Z) -> Stream m (TermState s (is :. PointR I) (TermArg (TermSymbol ts (Epsilon lg)))) Source #

TermStaticVar (IStatic 0) (Epsilon Local) (PointR I) Source # 
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TermStaticVar (IStatic 0) (Epsilon Global) (PointR I) Source # 
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