Changelog for AERN-RnToRm- 29 July 2009: renamed "demos" fodler to "examples" 0.5.0: 28 July 2009 * Made the testing harness more generic so that it can be used for any base. Also a readable report is produced for each tested property with statistics for timing and precision. * New support for anti-consistent function enclosures and twin arithmetic (analogous to directed/improper intervals such as [2,0] and outer+inner rounded Kaucher arithmetic over them). * Fixed many bugs. * Improved precision of enclosure comparison. 24 February 2009: fixed errors in haddoc comments 0.4.9: 23 February 2009 * Added a quickcheck testing harness for the polynomial arithmetic core. * Rewritten polynomial arithmetic core. * Fixed many rounding errors affecting almost all operations. * New operation: substitution into an enclosure of a *monotone* function. * In enclosure arithmetic, now can set a limit on the size of each enclosure representation. This is important for many-variate polynomials that tend to have very many terms. 0.4.2: 1 December 2008 * substantially improved division by a constant PFE (polynomial function enclosure) * added proper handling of overflown coefficients 0.4.1: 30 September 2008 * updated to work with AERN-Real 0.9.7 0.4: 20 August 2008 * fixed several serious bugs in sin and cos * added arctan 7 August 2008 * revamped package description to make it much shorter and linked it to the main module 7 August 2008 * deleted irrelevant/confusing text from package description 7 August 2008 * fixed markup in package description 0.3.0: 7 August 2008 * initial release of AERN-RnToRm after one year of work and two successful internal applications