Agda- A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

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The parser doesn't know about operators and parses everything as normal function application. This module contains the functions that parses the operators properly. For a stand-alone implementation of this see src/prototyping/mixfix.

It also contains the function that puts parenthesis back given the precedence of the context.



parseLHS :: Maybe Name -> Pattern -> ScopeM PatternSource

Parses a left-hand side, and makes sure that it defined the expected name. TODO: check the arities of constructors. There is a possible ambiguity with postfix constructors: Assume _ * is a constructor. Then 'true *' can be parsed as either the intended _* applied to true, or as true applied to a variable *. If we check arities this problem won't appear.

paren :: Monad m => (Name -> m Fixity) -> Expr -> m (Precedence -> Expr)Source