Agda- A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

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dataParameters :: QName -> Compile TCM Nat Source #

Returns how many parameters a datatype has

dataParametersTCM :: QName -> TCM Nat Source #

Returns how many parameters a datatype has

insertTele Source #


:: (QName, Args) 
-> Int

ABS pos in tele

-> Maybe Type

If Just, it is the type to insert patterns from is nothing if we only want to delete a binding.

-> Term

Term to replace at pos

-> Telescope

The telescope tele where everything is at

-> Compile TCM (Telescope, (Telescope, Type, Type)) 

insertTele i xs t tele tpos tele := Gamma ; (i : T as) ; Delta n := parameters T xs' := xs apply (take n as) becomes tpos ( Gamma ; xs' ; Delta[i := t] --note that Delta still reference Gamma correctly , T as ^ (size xs') )

we raise the type since we have added xs' new bindings before Gamma, and as can only bind to Gamma.

remForced :: [Fun] -> Compile TCM [Fun] Source #

Main function for removing pattern matching on forced variables

forcedExpr :: [Var] -> Telescope -> Expr -> Compile TCM Expr Source #

For a given expression, in a certain telescope (the list of Var) is a mapping of variable name to the telescope.

replaceForced :: ([Var], [Var]) -> Telescope -> [Var] -> [Maybe Term] -> Expr -> Compile TCM Expr Source #

replace the forcedVar with pattern matching from the outside.

buildTerm :: Var -> Nat -> Term -> Compile TCM (Expr -> Expr, Var) Source #

Given a term containg the forced var, dig out the variable by inserting the proper case-expressions.

findPosition :: Nat -> [Maybe Term] -> Compile TCM (Maybe (Nat, Term)) Source #

Find the location where a certain Variable index is by searching the constructors aswell. i.e find a term that can be transformed into a pattern that contains the same value the index. This fails if no such term is present.