Agda- A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

Safe HaskellNone




quote :: String -> String Source #

quote adds double quotes around the string, replaces newline characters with n, and escapes double quotes and backslashes within the string. This is different from the behaviour of show:

> putStrLn $ show "\x2200"
> putStrLn $ quote "\x2200"

(The code examples above have been tested using version of the base library.)

showIndex :: (Show i, Integral i) => i -> String Source #

Shows a non-negative integer using the characters ₀-₉ instead of 0-9.

addFinalNewLine :: String -> String Source #

Adds a final newline if there is not already one.

indent :: Integral i => i -> String -> String Source #

Indents every line the given number of steps.

newtype Str Source #




showThousandSep :: Show a => a -> String Source #

Show a number using comma to separate powers of 1,000.

ltrim :: String -> String Source #

Remove leading whitespace.

rtrim :: String -> String Source #

Remove trailing whitespace.

trim :: String -> String Source #

Remove leading and trailing whitesapce.