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Package AlgorithmW-
Install InstallOk
Docs Ok
Tests NotTried
Time submitted unknown
Compiler ghc-7.6.3
OS linux
Arch x86_64
Dependencies pretty-, mtl-2.1.2, containers-, base-
Flags none

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Resolving dependencies...
Downloading AlgorithmW-
Configuring AlgorithmW-
Building AlgorithmW-
Preprocessing executable 'AlgorithmW' for AlgorithmW-
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( AlgorithmW.lhs, dist/build/AlgorithmW/AlgorithmW-tmp/Main.o )
Linking dist/build/AlgorithmW/AlgorithmW ...
Warning: No documentation was generated as this package does not contain a
library. Perhaps you want to use the --executables, --tests or --benchmarks
Installing executable(s) in /srv/hackage/var/build/tmp-install/bin
Warning: The directory /srv/hackage/var/build/tmp-install/bin is not in the
system search path.
Installed AlgorithmW-

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