BiobaseInfernal- Infernal data structures and tools



Accessors for Infernal hits.

TODO modelStartStop pair? same for target?

TODO newtypes for these returns?



class Hit a whereSource

Generalized accessors for VerboseHit's and TabularHit's.


model :: a -> ModelIdentificationSource

Model name (like 5S_rRNA).

target :: a -> ScaffoldSource

Target name, typically the scaffold or chromosome where the hit occurs.

modelStart :: a -> IntSource

Start of submodel.

modelStop :: a -> IntSource

Stop of submodel.

targetStart :: a -> IntSource

Start of substring in target.

targetStop :: a -> IntSource

Stop of substring in target.

bitScore :: a -> BitScoreSource

Bit score of the hit of model in target.

evalue :: a -> DoubleSource

Evalue, expectation of bit score of higher in target sequence of length.

gcPercent :: a -> IntSource

G/C content in target.


Hit VerboseHit

Generalized accessors.

Hit TabularHit

Generalized accessors.