BiobaseInfernal- Infernal data structures and tools

Safe HaskellNone




Parses text-based covariance-model descriptions.


Covariance model parsing.

Infernal 1.0 and 1.1 covariance model parser

parseCM1x :: (Monad m, MonadIO m) => Conduit ByteString m CMSource

Top-level parser for Infernal 1.0 and 1.1 human-readable covariance models. Reads all lines first, then builds up the CM.

parseHeaders :: Monad m => [ByteString] -> Pipe l ByteString o u m (Map ByteString ByteString)Source

Infernal 1.0 header parser. Greps all lines until the MODEL: line, then return lines to top-level parser. Parses three lines at once in case of FT- lines.

isNode :: Maybe ByteString -> Maybe (NodeType, NodeID)Source

Determine if a line is a node line (Just). If yes, we'll get the node type as string and the node identifier, too.