Changelog for BlogLiterately-0.5.3

0.5.3: 19 November 2012 * New --math option for selecting pandoc math writing mode * Run the pandoc parser in "smart" mode, which generates proper en- and em-dashes, quotation marks, etc. * More updates for GHC 7.6.1 compatibility * Using highlighting-kate to highlight non-Haskell code was already the default; make this more clear. The --other-kate option is no more; now there are two options --kate --no-kate with --kate the default. 19 September 2012 * bump base upper bound to <4.7 0.5.2: 20 August 2012 * improvement to behavior of --upload-images flag: cache uploaded image server URLs, even across multiple runs, to avoid uploading the same image multiple times * bump dep upper bounds: - split to < 0.3 - cmdargs to < 0.11 0.5.1: 30 July 2012 * Escape < and > characters in ghci output * Supress vertical whitespace following ghci commands that produce no output * add centerImagesXF transform (disabled by default) * create bug tracker and add Bug-reports: field to .cabal file * re-export Text.BlogLiterately.Run from Text.BlogLiterately * improved documentation * fix output of --version 0.5: 7 July 2012 * expose internals as a library, and create framework for adding custom transformations to the pipeline * image uploads * ability to specify expected outputs in ghci blocks * prompt for password if not provided * bump HaXml upper bound to allow 1.23.* 0.4: 2 July 2012 * Add special support for's LaTeX format * Support for [ghci] blocks with contents automatically passed through ghci and results typeset * Support for tags * Support for creating "pages" as well as posts (WordPress only) * New standalone documentation * Code cleanup * Update to build with GHC 7.4.1