ChristmasTree- Alternative approach of 'read' that composes grammars instead of parsers.

Safe HaskellNone



newtype MapA_X env a env' Source


MapA_X (forall x. Symbol x env -> Maybe (Ref (x -> a) env')) 

emptyMap :: MapA_X env a env'Source

extendMap :: Symbol x env -> MapA_X env a env' -> MapA_X env a (env', x -> a)Source

initMap :: GramTrafo env a s c d -> Trafo Unit Productions s c dSource

newNontR :: forall x env s a. Symbol x env -> GramTrafo env a s (Productions (x -> a) s) (Ref (x -> a) s)Source

newtype Mapping old new Source


Mapping (Env Ref new old) 

map2trans :: Mapping env s -> T env sSource

mapProd :: T env1 env2 -> Prod a env1 -> Prod a env2Source