ConfigFile-1.1.1: Configuration file reading & writing





This module reexports a slightly different version of the standard API which makes it more convenient for chaining monadically. Everywhere a ConfigParser was the first argument in a function in the standard API, it is now the last. This lets you rewrite

 do let cp = emptyCP
    cp <- add_section cp "sect1"
    cp <- set cp "sect1" "opt1" "foo"
    cp <- set cp "sect1" "opt2" "bar"
    options cp "sect1"


 return emptyCP >>=
  add_section "sect1" >>=
  set "sect1" "opt1" "foo" >>=
  set "sect1" "opt2" "bar" >>=
  options "sect1"

which may be more elegant in some cases. A future development might be to chain the ConfigParser implicitly with a state monad, which would be yet more elegant.