Changelog for GA-1.0

Changelog for GA, a Haskell library for working with genetic algorithms: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ v1.0 (Sept. 27th 2011): * reorganize examples * minor code cleanup * support for user-defined: - checking of progress (mustContinue) - print progress per generation (showProgress) * bug fixes: - double pop/archive entities v0.2 (Sept. 19th 2011): * fixed compilation warnings in GA module and examples * major API changes - generalized result type of evolve from IO a to Monad m => m a - hist genRandom, crossover, mutation adn scores into genertic Monad m * introduced evolveVerbose which allows checkpointing, and prints progress to stdout (requires liftIO) * implemented random search * code cleanup and reorganization v0.1 (Aug. 31st 2011): * initial release * support for: - evolution of arbitrary entities (see Entity type class) - checkpointing between generations with automatic restore from checkpoint * two toy examples