-- Module      :  GPipe
-- Copyright   :  Tobias Bexelius
-- License     :  BSD3
-- Maintainer  :  Tobias Bexelius
-- Stability   :  Experimental
-- Portability :  Portable
-- |
-- GPipe models the entire graphics pipeline in a purely functional, immutable and typesafe way. It is built on top of the programmable pipeline (i.e. non-fixed function) of
-- OpenGL 2.1 and uses features such as vertex buffer objects (VBO's), texture objects and GLSL shader code synthetisation to create fast graphics programs. Buffers,
-- textures and shaders are cached internally to ensure fast framerate, and GPipe is also capable of managing multiple windows and contexts. By creating your own
-- instances of GPipes classes, it's possible to use additional datatypes on the GPU.
-- You'll need full OpenGL 2.1 support, including GLSL 1.20 to use GPipe. Thanks to OpenGLRaw, you may still build GPipe programs on machines lacking this support.
-- This is a conveniance module, combining GPipes all other modules.

module Graphics.GPipe (
    module Graphics.GPipe.Stream,
    module Graphics.GPipe.Stream.Primitive,
    module Graphics.GPipe.Stream.Fragment,
    module Graphics.GPipe.FrameBuffer,
    module Graphics.GPipe.Texture,
    module Graphics.GPipe.Format,
) where

import Graphics.GPipe.Stream
import Graphics.GPipe.Stream.Primitive
import Graphics.GPipe.Stream.Fragment
import Graphics.GPipe.FrameBuffer
import Graphics.GPipe.Texture
import Graphics.GPipe.Format