GPipe-1.1.4: A functional graphics API for programmable GPUsSource codeContentsIndex

GPipe models the entire graphics pipeline in a purely functional, immutable and typesafe way. It is built on top of the programmable pipeline (i.e. non-fixed function) of OpenGL 2.1 and uses features such as vertex buffer objects (VBO's), texture objects and GLSL shader code synthetisation to create fast graphics programs. Buffers, textures and shaders are cached internally to ensure fast framerate, and GPipe is also capable of managing multiple windows and contexts. By creating your own instances of GPipes classes, it's possible to use additional datatypes on the GPU.

You'll need full OpenGL 2.1 support, including GLSL 1.20 to use GPipe. Thanks to OpenGLRaw, you may still build GPipe programs on machines lacking this support.

This is a conveniance module, combining GPipes all other modules.

module Graphics.GPipe.Stream
module Graphics.GPipe.Stream.Primitive
module Graphics.GPipe.Stream.Fragment
module Graphics.GPipe.FrameBuffer
module Graphics.GPipe.Texture
module Graphics.GPipe.Format
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