GPipe-Collada-0.1.3: Load GPipe meshes from Collada files

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



This module provides the means to load Collada scene graphs from Collada (dae) files.

The parser supports Collada 1.5 core elements, including cameras lights and triangle meshes. Other elements such as animations, controllers or materials are ignored. Other meshes than triangles, trifans and tristrips are ignored. Only float_arrays are supported and others will be ignored. The parser only support local links and will ignore external ones. The parser supports parsing infinitely recursive structures into constant memory.



readCollada :: String -> Either String SceneSource

Parse a string containing a collada document and return Either an error message or the parsed Collada Scene.

readColladaFile :: FilePath -> IO SceneSource

Open a Collada file and parse its contents and return a Collada Scene. Errors are thrown as userErrors.