GenI-0.24.2: A natural language generator (specifically, an FB-LTAG surface realiser)

Safe HaskellNone




Test suites

geniTestSuiteString :: Parser [Text]Source

Just the String representations of the semantics in the test suite

geniDerivations :: Parser [TestCaseOutput]Source

This is only used by the script genimakesuite


geniTagElems :: Parser [TagElem]Source

This makes it possible to read anchored trees, which may be useful for debugging purposes.

FIXME: note that this is very rudimentary; we do not set id numbers, parse polarities. You'll have to call some of our helper functions if you want that functionality.

Lexicon and morph

geniMorphInfo :: Parser [(Text, Flist GeniVal)]Source


geniFeats :: GeniValLike v => Parser (Flist v)Source

geniWords :: Parser TextSource


geniWord :: Parser TextSource

geniLanguageDef :: GenLanguageDef Text () IdentitySource

tillEof :: Parser a -> Parser aSource

parseFromFile :: Parser a -> SourceName -> IO (Either ParseError a)Source