GenericPretty-1.1.6: A generic, derivable, haskell pretty printer.



MyPretty is a library that can be used in conjuncture with Text.PrettyPrint.GenericPretty.

The Pretty library( plans to incorporate a Style datatype to control details of printing (such as line length). The library MyPretty is provided as a thin wrapper around the Pretty library, to support Style related features. Once the Pretty library supports Style, MyPretty will become obsolete and be replaced by Pretty.

This library can be imported if the user wants to make custom pretty printing definitions for his types or define a custom printing Style. The syntax used for defining custom documents is that of Pretty and Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ.

For an example of a custom definition for a data type and usage of a custom Style see the README file and the haskell source files under TestSuite, both included in the package.



module Pretty

data Style Source

A rendering style




mode :: Mode

The rendering mode

lineLength :: Int

Length of line, in chars

ribbonsPerLine :: Float

Ratio of ribbon length to line length

renderStyle :: Style -> Doc -> StringSource

Render a document using a particular style.

style :: StyleSource

The default Style used for Text.PrettyPrint.GenericPretty (mode=PageMode, lineLength=80, ribbonsPerLine=1.5)