{- |
   Module      : Data.Graph.Analysis.Algorithms
   Description : Graph analysis algorithms
   Copyright   : (c) Ivan Lazar Miljenovic 2009
   License     : 2-Clause BSD
   Maintainer  : Ivan.Miljenovic@gmail.com

   This module exports all the algorithms found in the
   @Data.Graph.Analysis.Algorithms.*@ modules.
module Data.Graph.Analysis.Algorithms
    ( -- * Graph Algorithms
      -- $algorithms
      module Data.Graph.Analysis.Algorithms.Common,
      module Data.Graph.Analysis.Algorithms.Directed,
      module Data.Graph.Analysis.Algorithms.Clustering
    ) where

-- For haddock purposes.
import Data.Graph.Inductive.Graph(Node)

import Data.Graph.Analysis.Algorithms.Common
import Data.Graph.Analysis.Algorithms.Directed
import Data.Graph.Analysis.Algorithms.Clustering

{- $algorithms
   For algorithms that return a group of nodes, there are typically
   two different forms: the standard form (e.g. 'cliquesIn') will
   return a list of @LNode@s, whilst the primed version
   (e.g. `cliquesIn'') will return a list of 'Node's.