Changelog for HDBC-mysql-

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2010-06-01 Chris Waterson

* Database/HDBC/MySQL/Connection.hsc.  Add runRaw, patch from Rune
Harder Bak <>.

2010-04-16 Chris Waterson

* HDBC-mysql-0.6.2.  Fix incorrect usage of "with" and
"withCString" to allocate buffers for libmysqlclient.  Send
SqlString data as UTF-8 encoded byte strings; return string data
as SqlByteStrings.

2009-03-01 Chris Waterson

* HDBC-mysql-0.6.1.  Expose Connection type.

2009-06-05 Chris Waterson

* HDBC-mysql-0.6. Use Foreign.Concurrent to correctly incorporate
Haskell finalizer for binds.  Fix handling of SqlWord32 and
SqlWord64 values: tip o' the cap to

2009-03-02 Chris Waterson

* HDBC-mysql-0.5. Use "throwSqlError" instead of "throwDyn" so
that we get legible errors under ghc-6.10.  This also removes the
dependency on base 3.

2009-02-26 Chris Waterson

* HDBC-mysql-0.4. Fix incorrect binding size (should always be 4
bytes, not compiler's "long") for MYSQL_TYPE_LONG columns.

2009-02-18 Chris Waterson

* HDBC-mysql-0.3 Deal with some of the problems where statements
would mysteriously "close".  It turns out that only one statement
can be "active" on a connection at a time, and that closing an
inactive statement causes the current statement to close as well.

2009-02-14 Chris Waterson

* HDBC-mysql-0.2 Fix binding width for dates: MySQL's length
indicates 19 characters (which is the length of the string), but
we need the full size of the MYSQL_TIME struct.  Leak connections
and statements until I can figure out how to keep the ForeignPtr's