Changelog for HDBC-odbc- - 8 Apr 2019 * Only use Unicode API for getting diagnostic messages when on Windows, switched to non-Unicode API on other OS. - 6 Apr 2019 * Support for fetching errors from compound statements * Fix segfault when statement gets finalized by GC during execution of another one on same connection. - 24 Nov 2016 * Haddock fixes and documentation updates. - 9 Dec 2015 * Support for Unicode diagnostic messages on Windows. * Added support for getting and setting AutoCommit flag. - 15 May 2015 * Switched to using UTF-8 encoding for binding WCHAR_T values on Linux. Earlier version tried to use C wchar_t type, which confused some (in particular PostgreSQL) drivers. - 12 Nov 2014 * Changed parameter binding implementation to fix bugs with wide character strings and binary data not handled well with Microsoft SQL Server on Windows. * Implemented atomic reference counting to avoid race conditions in native code when running with -threaded * Implemented workaround for the SQL Server ODBC Driver deadlock, which occured if cursor over a statement that was in the process of fetching data over the network got closed.