HGL- A simple graphics library based on X11 or Win32

Portabilitynon-portable (requires concurrency)



An efficient representation of sets of pixels.



emptyRegion :: RegionSource

An empty region. This is not supported on Win32. It is possible to use an empty rectangle region instead.

rectangleRegion :: Point -> Point -> RegionSource

A rectangular region, with the given points as opposite corners.

ellipseRegion :: Point -> Point -> RegionSource

An elliptical region that fits in the rectangle with the given points as opposite corners.

polygonRegion :: [Point] -> RegionSource

A polygonal region defined by a list of Points.

intersectRegion :: Region -> Region -> RegionSource

The intersection of two regions.

unionRegion :: Region -> Region -> RegionSource

The union of two regions.

subtractRegion :: Region -> Region -> RegionSource

The part of the first region that is not also in the second.

xorRegion :: Region -> Region -> RegionSource

The symmetric difference of two regions.

regionToGraphic :: Region -> GraphicSource

Fill a Region using the current Graphics.HGL.Draw.Brush.