HGamer3D-Common-0.5.0: Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Game Engine and Utilities

Safe HaskellNone




Utility to provide file location information to other parts of HGamer3D


Directories relative to the user-related application directory for HGamer3D

getAppMediaDirectory :: IO [Char] Source

path of media, relative to user app dir for HGamer3D

getAppConfigDirectory :: IO [Char] Source

path of configuration, relative to user app dir for HGamer3D

getAppLibDirectory :: IO [Char] Source

path of libraries, relative to user app dir for HGamer3D

Directories relative to the executable (prog path)

General utilities for path handling and finding files

osSep :: [Char] Source

path separator for the filesystem

createDir :: FilePath -> IO () Source

create a directory

findFileInDirs :: [Char] -> [[Char]] -> IO (Maybe FilePath) Source

find a file by searching in multiple directories