HLearn-distributions- Distributions for use with the HLearn library

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The method of moments can be used to estimate a number of commonly used distributions. This module is still under construction as I work out the best way to handle morphisms from the Moments3 type to types of other distributions. For more information, see the wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_moments_(statistics)


data Geometric prob dp Source


Eq dp => Eq (Geometric prob dp) 
Ord dp => Ord (Geometric prob dp) 
Read dp => Read (Geometric prob dp) 
Show dp => Show (Geometric prob dp) 
Num dp => Monoid (Geometric prob dp) 
Num dp => HomTrainer (Geometric prob dp) 
Num dp => Group (Geometric prob dp) 
(Integral dp, Fractional prob) => Variance (Geometric prob dp) 
(Integral dp, RealFrac prob) => Mean (Geometric prob dp) 
(Integral dp, Floating prob) => PDF (Geometric prob dp) 
Num dp => Probabilistic (Geometric prob dp) 
(PDF (Geometric prob dp), Show prob, Show dp, Ord dp, Ord prob, Fractional prob, RealFrac prob, Integral dp) => PlottableDistribution (Geometric prob dp)