HSGEP-0.1.5: Gene Expression Programming evolutionary algorithm in Haskell

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GEP parameters. These are related to both population management, selection, and rates of genetic operators. The rates are a set of probabilities of each operator being applied during each step of the selection and reproduction phase.

Author: mjsottile@computer.org



data Rates Source

The Rates structure is used to hold the probability of various events occurring during the evolution of the GEP algorithm.




pMutate :: Double

Probability of any single symbol being mutated per individual

pIS :: Double

Probability of an individual experiencing insertion sequence transposition

pRIS :: Double

Probability of an individual experiencing root insertion sequence transposition

pGT :: Double

Probability of an individual experiencing gene transposition

p1R :: Double

Probability of a 1pt recombination event

p2R :: Double

Probability of a 2pt recombination event

pGR :: Double

Probability of a gene recombination event


data SimParams Source

The SimParams structure reprents the parameters for a run of the GEP algorithm. This includes gross parameters unrelated to individuals such as the population size, parameters related to selection, and parameters related to specific genetic operators.




popSize :: Int

Population size

rouletteExponent :: Double

Exponent for defining the roulette wheel bin sizes

maxFitness :: Double

Fitness of the ideal individual

numGenerations :: Int

Number of generations to run the algorithm for

selectionRange :: Double

Parameter m for fitness value computation from the GEP paper.

maxISLen :: Int

Maximum length of an IS transpose seq.

maxRISLen :: Int

Maximum length of an RIS transpose seq.