HTF- The Haskell Test Framework

Safe HaskellNone




Top-level module that re-exports functionality from sub-modules. Modules that only define unit tests and quickcheck properties typically only need to import this module. Your test driver should additionally import TestManager and, if needed, BlackBoxTest.


Unit tests

makeUnitTest :: AssertionWithTestOptions a => TestID -> Location -> a -> TestSource

Construct a unit test from the given IO action. Mainly used internally by the htfpp preprocessor.


makeQuickCheckTest :: TestID -> Location -> Assertion -> TestSource

Construct a test where the given Assertion checks a quick check property. Mainly used internally by the htfpp preprocessor.

Organizing tests

makeTestSuite :: TestID -> [Test] -> TestSuiteSource

Create a named TestSuite from a list of Test values.

data TestSuite Source

Abstract type for test suites and their results.

htfMain :: TestableHTF t => t -> IO ()Source

Runs something testable by parsing the commandline arguments as test options (using parseTestArgs). Exits with the exit code returned by runTestWithArgs. This function is the main entry point for running tests.



:: String

The file name

-> Int

The line number

-> Location 

Create a new location.