Changelog for HTF-

* (2015-08-21) - resolved compile error with HUnit == * (2015-08-21) - use cpphs for lexing (fixes many bugs related to lexing) * (2015-03-22) - fixed bug that caused double quoted strings to appear in the output of error messages produced by assertEqual and co. * (2014-10-27) - fixed another lexing bug (issue #45) * (2014-10-22) - fixed lexing bug (some source files were not parsed properly) - fixed bug where wrong module name was generated - fixed source distribution (not all files were included) * (2014-10-19) - fixed compile error with QuickCheck == 2.6 * (2014-10-18) - drop dependency on haskell-src-exts (took too long to compile) - only color error counts if they are > 0 (thanks to Matthias Fischmann) * (2014-09-16) - support for haskell-src-exts version 1.16 - Functor and Applicative instances for AssertBool * (2014-07-14) - support for several new commandline options: --history=FILE Path to the history file. Default: ./.HTF/<ProgramName>.history --fail-fast Fail and abort test run as soon as the first test fails. --sort-by-prev-time Sort tests ascending by their execution of the previous test run (if available). Default: false --max-prev-ms=MILLISECONDS Do not try to execute tests that had a execution time greater than MILLISECONDS in a previous test run. --max-cur-ms=MILLISECONDS Abort a test that runs more than MILLISECONDS. --prev-factor=DOUBLE Abort a test that runs more than DOUBLE times slower than in a previous run. --timeout-is-success Do not regard a test timeout as an error. - potential backward incompatibility: JSON output format changed, several new keys were introduced. * (2014-04-10) - completed changelog * (2014-04-10) - fix compile error (issue #34) * (2014-04-09) - fix compile error under GHC 7.4 (fixes #33) * (2014-04-08) - support for generic assertions - fixed setDefaultArgs und withQCArgs for quickcheck tests (fixes #30) - added assertElem assertion (fixes #27) - don't output warning if fallback parsers kick (fixes #32) * (2014-02-10) - fixed compile error under ghc 7.4 * 0.11.2 (2014-02-07) - fall-back to poor men's parser if parsing with haskell-src-exts fails * (2014-01-22) - htfpp now lexes input files as text, not as haskell src. This allows proper treatment of TH single quotes (fix for #26) - more general type for subAssert * (2013-09-03) - support for containers-0.4.* (thanks to M. Snoyman) * (2013-08-31) - fallback to pure Haskell diff if no diff binary found (thanks JP Moresmau) - use cabal test feature (thanks Tom Brow) - parallel execution of tests - bugfix: enable DoAndIfThenElse - bugfix: use default fixities for all operators - two new assertions for dealing with exceptions: assertThrowsM and assertThrowsSomeM * (2012-12-07) - fixed problem building against Diff 0.1.3 * (2012-12-06) - support for Diff 0.2. * (2012-12-06) - machine-readable output: the --json option provides a way for getting machine-readable output in a simple JSON-based format - support for subAssert (allows abstraction over assertions but keeps error locations) - don't depend on unix under Windows - added timing information to the output - possibility to list all tests - several bugfixes, especially related to location information in presence of an extra cpp invocation - HTF itself now has a test suite - removed upper bounds from .cabal files - backwards incompatibilities: + Test.Framework now longer exports all of Test.Framework.TestManager and Test.Framework.BlackBoxTest. For modules that only define tests, no changes should be necessary. However, you likely need to adjust your test runner module by importing Test.Framework.TestManager and possibly Test.Framework.BlackBoxTest. + Some reorganization in Test.Framework.TestManager and related modules, introduction of Test.Framework.TestTypes. Usually, your code should not be affected by these changes. * (2012-09-26) NOTE: this version is NOT backwards compatible with 0.8.*. The documentation on hackage describes what you need to do in order to upgrade. - Totally reworked how tests are collected - Greatly improved documentation (fixes issue #2) - Added assertThrowsIO and similar functions (fixes issue #6) - Added htfMain function * (2012-01-30) - Assertions can be run via runTest - Support for assertNotEqual - Bugfixes * (2011-11-07) - Bugfixes * (2011-11-07) - fixed build dependencies to include process 1.1.* * (2011-10-01) - multi-line diff with pretty-printing - bugfixes - build support for GHC 7.2.1 * (2011-09-20) - support for `--quiet' option to report failures only - color support - diff support: if an equality assertions fails, HTF shows a diff of the expected and the given value - more uniform output - tests to execute are now given by a regular expression, tests to ignored are prefixed with `--not' * (2011-07-08) - support for pending tests and quick check properties - support for ignoring certain tests in the argument list of Test.Framework.TestManager.runTestWithArgs (simply prefix the test names with a '-') * (2011-05-21) - minor fix for the tutorial (thanks to Marnix) * (2011-01-25) - htfpp parses extension from pragmas - runTest, runTestWithArgs, runTestWithFilter return an appropriate exit code * (2010-12-05) - support for GHC 7, QuickCheck 2.3, containers 0.4 and directory 1.1 (thanks to David Leuschner) * (2010-11-12) - generalized mtl dependency to accept version 1.1* and 2.0.*. * (2010-10-11) - preprocessor now parses bang patterns * (2010-10-05) - added `--hunit' flag to htfpp. (The `--hunit' flag causes assert-like macros to be expanded in a way that is backwards-compatible with the corresponding functions of the HUnit library.) - Some functions in Test.Framework.HUnitWrapper were renamed in a non-backwards compatible way. The assert*P functions are now called assert*Pretty, and the function assertSetEqual is now called assertListsEqualAsSet * (2010-09-02) - More specific version constraints in .cabal file * (2010-08-30) - Testable instance for lists * (2010-08-30) - htfpp now accepts code subject to preprocessing with cpp