Changelog for HTF-

* ? - support for `--quiet' option to report failures only - color support - diff support: if an equality assertions fails, HTF shows a diff of the expected and the given value - more uniform output - tests to execute are now given by a regular expression, tests to ignored are prefixed with `--not' * (2011-07-08) - support for pending tests and quick check properties - support for ignoring certain tests in the argument list of Test.Framework.TestManager.runTestWithArgs (simply prefix the test names with a '-') * (2011-05-21) - minor fix for the tutorial (thanks to Marnix) * (2011-01-25) - htfpp parses extension from pragmas - runTest, runTestWithArgs, runTestWithFilter return an appropriate exit code * (2010-12-05) - support for GHC 7, QuickCheck 2.3, containers 0.4 and directory 1.1 (thanks to David Leuschner) * (2010-11-12) - generalized mtl dependency to accept version 1.1* and 2.0.*. * (2010-10-11) - preprocessor now parses bang patterns * (2010-10-05) - added `--hunit' flag to htfpp. (The `--hunit' flag causes assert-like macros to be expanded in a way that is backwards-compatible with the corresponding functions of the HUnit library.) - Some functions in Test.Framework.HUnitWrapper were renamed in a non-backwards compatible way. The assert*P functions are now called assert*Pretty, and the function assertSetEqual is now called assertListsEqualAsSet * (2010-09-02) - More specific version constraints in .cabal file * (2010-08-30) - Testable instance for lists * (2010-08-30) - htfpp now accepts code subject to preprocessing with cpp