HTTP-3001.1.3: A library for client-side HTTP

Portabilitynon-portable (not tested)



An easy access TCP library. Makes the use of TCP in Haskell much easier. This was originally part of Gray's\/Bringert's HTTP module.

  • Changes by Robin Bate Boerop - Made dependencies explicit in import statements. - Removed false dependencies from import statements. - Removed unused exported functions.
  • Changes by Simon Foster: - Split module up into to sepearate Network.[Stream,TCP,HTTP] modules



data Connection Source

The Connection newtype is a wrapper that allows us to make connections an instance of the StreamIn/Out classes, without ghc extensions. While this looks sort of like a generic reference to the transport layer it is actually TCP specific, which can be seen in the implementation of the 'Stream Connection' instance.


openTCPPort :: String -> Int -> IO ConnectionSource

This function establishes a connection to a remote host, it uses getHostByName which interrogates the DNS system, hence may trigger a network connection.

Add a persistant option? Current persistant is default. Use Result type for synchronous exception reporting?

isConnectedTo :: Connection -> String -> IO BoolSource

Checks both that the underlying Socket is connected and that the connection peer matches the given host name (which is recorded locally).