Changelog for HTTP-4000.0.6

Version 4004.0.6: release 2009-04-21; changes from 4004.0.5 * Patch release. * Network.Browser: use HTTP.HandleStream.sendHTTP_notify, not HTTP.sendHTTP_notify when issuing requests. The latter runs the risk of undoing request normalization. * Network.HTTP.Base.normalizeRequest: when normalizing proxy-bound requests, insert a Host: header if none present. Set it to the destination server authority, not the proxy. * Network.Browser: don't fail on seeing invalid cookie values, but report them as errors and continue. Version 4004.0.5: release 2009-03-30; changes from 4004.0.4 * Get serious about comments and Haddock documentation. * Cleaned up normalization of requests, fixing bugs and bringing together previous disparate attempts at handling this. * RequestMethod now supports custom verbs; use the (Custom String) constructor * Beef up Network.HTTP.Base's support for normalizing requests and URIs: * added splitRequestURI which divides a URI into two; the Authority portion (as a String) and the input URI sans the authority portion. Useful when wanting to split up a request's URI into its Host: and abs_path pieces. * added normalizeRequest :: Bool -> Request ty -> Request ty, which fixes up a requests URI path and Host: info depending on whether it is destined for a proxy or not (controlled by the Bool.) * moved defaultRequest, defaultRequest_, libUA from Network.Browser to Network.HTTP.Base * added mkRequest :: RequestMethod -> URI -> Bool -> Request ty for constructing normalized&sane Request bases on top of which you can add custom headers, body payload etc.