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AMSMath package

amsmath :: PackageNameSource

AMSMath package. Example:

 usepackage [] amsmath

AMSMath functions

math :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Inline mathematical expressions.

Symbols and utilities

Superscript and subscript

(^:) :: LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource


(!:) :: LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource


Function symbols

Some symbols are preceded with t to be distinguished from predefined Haskell entities (like sin and cos).

tsin :: LaTeXSource

Sine function symbol.

arcsin :: LaTeXSource

Arcsine function symbol.

tcos :: LaTeXSource

Cosine function symbol.

arccos :: LaTeXSource

Arccosine function symbol.

ttan :: LaTeXSource

Tangent function symbol.

texp :: LaTeXSource

Exponential function symbol.

tlog :: LaTeXSource

Logarithm function symbol.

ln :: LaTeXSource

Natural logarithm symbol.

Operator symbols

(>:) :: LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource


(>=:) :: LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Greater or equal.

(<:) :: LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource


(<=:) :: LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Lesser or equal.

Greek alphabet

Functions of greek alphabet symbols.

Uppercase versions are suffixed with u. Variants are prefixed with var. The function pi_ is ended by an underscore symbol to distinguish it from the pi Prelude function.

Other symbols

to :: LaTeXSource

A right-arrow.

forall :: LaTeXSource

For all symbol.

dagger :: LaTeXSource

Dagger symbol.

ddagger :: LaTeXSource

Double dagger symbol.