HaTeX- LaTeX code writer.

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Beamer package

beamer :: ClassNameSource

The beamer document class. Importing a package is not required. Example:

 documentclass [] beamer

Beamer commands

frame :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

A presentation is composed of a sequence of frames. Each frame is created with this function.

frametitle :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Set the title of the current frame. Use it within a frame.

framesubtitle :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Set the subtitle of the current frame. Use it within a frame.

alert :: [OverlaySpec] -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Highlight in red a piece text. With the OverlaySpecs, you can specify the slides where the text will be highlighted.

pause :: LaTeXSource

Introduces a pause in a slide.



:: LaTeX

Title for the block

-> LaTeX

Content of the block

-> LaTeX


A block will be displayed surrounding a text.

Overlay Specifications

beameritem :: [OverlaySpec] -> LaTeXSource

beameritem works like item, but allows you to specify the slides where the item will be displayed.

uncover :: [OverlaySpec] -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

With uncover, show a piece of text only in the slides you want.

only :: [OverlaySpec] -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Similar to uncover.


usetheme :: Theme -> LaTeXSource

Set the Theme employed in your presentation (in the preamble).