HaXml-1.22.3: Utilities for manipulating XML documents




Build Maps from :

XSD types become top-level types in Haskell.

XSD element decls also become top-level types in Haskell.

Element groups get their own Haskell types too.

Attributes and attribute groups do not become types, they are

Resolve element/attribute references by inlining their names.

emptyEnv :: EnvironmentSource

An empty environment of XSD type mappings.

combineEnv :: Environment -> Environment -> EnvironmentSource

Combine two environments (e.g. read from different interface files)

mkEnvironment :: FilePath -> Schema -> Environment -> EnvironmentSource

Build an environment of XSD type mappings from a schema module.

gatherImports :: Schema -> [(FilePath, Maybe String)]Source

Find all direct module dependencies.