Changelog for Hashell-1.0

Changelog - Hashell (0.011a -> 0.013a) -- Part of the parsing is now done with Parsec. Parsec will partially substitute the majority of the parsing tasks. -- Added a new exception handler for haskell expressions evaluation. This fixes a bug that aborted hashell. -- Added redirection of standard error. -- Fixed 'quit' built-in command bug. -- Added number identifiers to the redirections operators. -- Added pre-liminar support for environment variables. The support is contained into its own module. -- Changed (_yet_ again) the syntax for sub-process evaluation from '<|proc|>' to '(-proc-)' (without the quotes). -- Type constraints for haskell expressions evaluations are now limited to the ':<s,p,n,u>' notation. Values: 's' String without newline. 'p' Non-String with newline. 'n' Non-String without newline. 'u' String with newline. -- The 'execSplitToken' function has been re-written. It is now split into several smaller functions and with better exception handling support. -- Hashell will now automatically read the configuration file with name .hashell_config if it exists inside HOME. -- The comments format in the hashell configuration file has changed from '*' to '-'. -- The command composition feature was removed. -- Others smaller bugs have been fixed too. Author: Luis F. Araujo Sat Jan 7 14:55:04 VET 2006