Holumbus-Distribution-0.1.1: intra- and inter-program communication

MaintainerStefan Schmidt (stefanschmidt@web.de)




Version : 0.1

Some nice helper functions for strict file writing, appending and reading. All read-functions are strict, in the sense that the whole file is read at once and the content is stored into memory. So you won't have any semi-closed handles which might bring you in trouble from time to time. The files are immedialty closed after the reading. This Module can handle four filetypes: XML-Files, List-Files, Binary-Files and Text-Files.

XML-Files: Normal textfiles, but the content is stored as a xml-representation. For the pickling, we use the HXT-Library (see http://www.fh-wedel.de/~si/HXmlToolbox/)

List-Files: Binary-Files, which store a list of data-objects. The main difference between Binary-Files and List-Files is, that you can append data to a List-File which will be automatically concatenated to the existing list. If you try this with a normal Binary-File, you'll get only the original list and the appended data will be lost.

Binary-Files: Normal binary files, for the encoding and decoding, we use the Haskell binary-package.

Text-Files: Normal text files.


xml files

loadFromXmlFile :: XmlPickler a => FilePath -> IO aSource

Loads an XML-File and parses the content to a specified datatype.

saveToXmlFile :: XmlPickler a => FilePath -> a -> IO ()Source

Converts a dataset to XML and saves the XML-string into a file.

lists in binary files

writeToListFile :: Binary a => FilePath -> [a] -> IO ()Source

Writes data to a list file.

appendToListFile :: Binary a => FilePath -> [a] -> IO ()Source

Appends data to a list file.

readFromListFile :: (NFData a, Binary a) => FilePath -> IO [a]Source

reads from a list file.

bytestring file handling

writeToBinFile :: FilePath -> ByteString -> IO ()Source

Write data to a binary file.

appendToBinFile :: FilePath -> ByteString -> IO ()Source

Append data to a binary file, this doesn't mean, that the contents are really concatenated when you read the file.

readFromBinFile :: FilePath -> IO ByteStringSource

Reads the data from a binary file as a bytestring.

string file handling

writeToTextFile :: FilePath -> String -> IO ()Source

Writes a sting to a text file.

appendToTextFile :: FilePath -> String -> IO ()Source

Appends a string to a text file.

readFromTextFile :: FilePath -> IO StringSource

Strict file reading by Simon Marlow. found on http://users.aber.ac.uk/afc/stricthaskell.html