Holumbus-Searchengine-1.2.1: A search and indexing engine.

Portabilitynone portable
MaintainerTimo B. Huebel (tbh@holumbus.org)
Safe HaskellNone



The Occurences data type



type Occurrences = DocIdMap PositionsSource

The occurrences in a number of documents. A mapping from document ids to the positions in the document.

emptyOccurrences :: OccurrencesSource

Create an empty set of positions.

singletonOccurrence :: DocId -> Position -> OccurrencesSource

Create an empty set of positions.

nullOccurrences :: Occurrences -> BoolSource

Test on empty set of positions.

sizeOccurrences :: Occurrences -> IntSource

Determine the number of positions in a set of occurrences.

substractOccurrences :: Occurrences -> Occurrences -> OccurrencesSource

Substract occurrences from some other occurrences.

xpOccurrences :: PU OccurrencesSource

The XML pickler for the occurrences of a word.

type Positions = EnumSet PositionSource

The positions of the word in the document.

foldPos :: (Position -> r -> r) -> r -> Positions -> rSource

xpPositions :: PU PositionsSource

The XML pickler for a set of positions.