Holumbus-Searchengine-1.2.3: A search and indexing engine.

Safe HaskellNone




mkTmpFile :: Int -> String -> Int -> StringSource

create temp file name

simpleFollowRef :: (String -> Bool) -> (String -> Bool) -> String -> BoolSource

Simple predicate genertor for filtering of URIs If the first predicate (isAllowed) holds and the second (isDenied) does not hold the predicate holds. This can be used for constructing simple URL filters

simpleFollowRef' :: [String] -> [String] -> String -> BoolSource

A convenient function, that takes two lists of strings in regexp syntax, The first list are the patterns for the allowed strings, the second one for the patterns to deny the string. Two regular expressions are build from these lists of strings, and the string to be tested is matched against both regexes