Hs2lib-0.5.0: A Library and Preprocessor that makes it easier to create shared libs from Haskell programs.




Contains a pseudo implementation of an artificial stack. This is used to print a StackTrace out and manipulate the stack.



data Stack Source

A simple stack implementation

class Show a => Stackable a whereSource


toStack :: a -> StackSource

emptyStack :: StackSource

Creating an empty stack

pushStack :: Stackable st => st -> FunctionName -> StackSource

Adding an element to the top of the stack

topStack :: Stack -> Maybe FunctionNameSource

Look at the item at the top of the stack, but does not remove it

popStack :: Stack -> StackSource

Remove an element from the top of the stack

newStack :: FunctionName -> StackSource

Create a new stack from a template

sizeStack :: Stack -> IntSource

The size of the stack e.g the amount of elements inside it

shrinkStack :: Stack -> StackSource

Shrinks and Compress the stack, reducing the stack to the bare minimum of steps/calls needed to represent the same stack

printStack :: Stack -> StringSource

Pretty print a stack back out to a string