IcoGrid-0.1: Library for generating grids of hexagons and pentagons mapped to a sphere.Source codeContentsIndex
all_cells :: Int -> [Int]
all_triads :: Int -> [(Int, Int, Int)]
neighbors :: Int -> Int -> [Int]
coord_to_vec :: Int -> Int -> Vec
triad_vecs :: Int -> (Int, Int, Int) -> [Vec]
all_cells :: Int -> [Int]Source
Get a list of all cells in a grid of a given size. The length of this list is the number of cells, and they are numberd from 0 to n-1.
all_triads :: Int -> [(Int, Int, Int)]Source
Get all groups of 3 cells that meet at a point in the whole grid (of a given size). Each triad is repeated 3 times, with a different cell as the first one in the list.
neighbors :: Int -> Int -> [Int]Source
Get a list of neighbors of a particular cell, assuming a grid of a certain size.
coord_to_vec :: Int -> Int -> VecSource
Get the center of a cell as a point in 3-space, assuming a grid of a certain size. I have not yet implemented the reverse function, which is to find the closest cell to a given point.
triad_vecs :: Int -> (Int, Int, Int) -> [Vec]Source
Return list of vectors with the center vertex as head, and then the vertex between center and first neighbor, vertex in the middle, and a vertex between the center and the second neighbor. Can be drawn with a triangle fan. By drawing all the triads in this fashion, one can draw the whole grid. I left a little bit of a gap between cells to make the edges easier to see.
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