JuicyPixels-1.3: Picture loading/serialization (in png, jpeg and bitmap)

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



Module used for JPEG file loading and writing.



decodeJpeg :: ByteString -> Either String DynamicImageSource

Try to decompress a jpeg file and decompress. The colorspace is still YCbCr if you want to perform computation on the luma part. You can convert it to RGB using colorSpaceConversion

This function can output the following pixel types :

  • PixelY8
  • PixelYCbCr8



:: Word8

Quality factor

-> Image PixelYCbCr8

Image to encode

-> ByteString

Encoded JPEG

Function to call to encode an image to jpeg. The quality factor should be between 0 and 100 (100 being the best quality).

encodeJpeg :: Image PixelYCbCr8 -> ByteStringSource

Encode an image in jpeg at a reasonnable quality level. If you want better quality or reduced file size, you should use encodeJpegAtQuality