Changelog for JuicyPixels-

-*-change-log-*- v3.1.7.1 August 2014 * Previous gif fix was not working withing the readImage function, only in specialized gif images. Correcting miscorection v3.1.7 August 2014 * Making Juicy.Pixels compatible with GHC 7.9 HEAD (ggreif) * Adding writing to uncompressed radiance file, due to problems with Mac OS X "preview" application * Fixing problem of gif parsing without global palette * Some inlining annotations on some functions v3.1.6.1 August 2014 * Fix of Gif palette creation (jeffreyrosenbluth) * Restoring transformers 0.3.* compat v3.1.6 August 2014 * Fix bad disposal handling in GIF animations. * Added ColorConvertible instance for PixelRGB8 -> PixelRGBA16 (KaiHa) * Fixing a bad handling of tRNS causing bad transprency decoding in some circonstances. * Adding the concept of Packeable pixel for faster pixel filling using mutable array. v3.1.5.2 May 2014 * Bumping the transformers dependency v3.1.5.1 May 2014 * Adding some INLINE annotations for some pixel functions v3.1.5 March 2014 * Typos and documentation proof reading fixes (pull request from iger). * Fix of progressive jpeg loading with more than two huffman tables (4 allowed). * Fix of progressive jpeg rendering (was too noisy before) * Added loading of paletted bitmap files. * Function to load gif images with frame duration information (pull request from bit-shift) * Fixing bug showing when loading JPEG with component ID starting at 0. * Adding reading for YA8 et YA16 Tiff images (pull request from iger) * Adding a mixWithAlpha method, to help work on transparent pixel types v3.1.4.1 February 2014 * Putting back data URI logo for cabal description, it's apparently not supported by Hackage :-( v3.1.4 February 2014 * Adding a pixelOpacity method to the pixel type class. * Adding handling greyscale BMP files (phischu) * Fixing promotePixel for Pixel8 -> Pixel16 * Some type fixes in the documentation * Updating the pixel conversion graph * Removed URI-encoded images, now using clean cabal embedding v3.1.3.3 February 2014 * Lowering cabal version limit to be compiled with older GHCs v3.1.3.2 January 2014 * Hacking around Binary to accept old version of it, down to version 0.5 allowing Juicy.Pixels to be compiled with GHC 6.3 v3.1.3.1 January 2014 * Fixing color counting function in color quantisation. * Adding missing documentation for foreign pointer import. v3.1.3 January 2014 * Adding palette creation (color Quantization) by Jeffrey Rosenbluth. * Adding support for Gif writing * Adding support for Gif animation writing * Fixing some progressive Jpeg decoding problems (#39) v3.1.2 December 2013 * Adding support for progressive jpeg. * Adding support for plane separated MCU jpeg. * Adding support for grayscale 32bit decoding (with reduced precision to 16bits). * Fixing erroneous bitmap decoding in case of excessive padding (#31). v3.1.1.1 October 2013 * Fixing some spurious crash while decoding some JPEG image (#30). v3.1.1 October 2013 * Adding uncompresed TIFF saving. * Adding error message to avoid loading progressive loading. * Made MMAP optional, controled by a cabal flag. * adding dynamicPixelMap helper function. * Handling png transparency using color key (#26). v3.1 June 2013 * Adding basic handling of 16bits pixel types. * Addition of Tiff reading: - 2, 4, 8, 16 bit depth reading (planar and contiguous for each). - CMYK, YCbCr, RGB, Paletted, Greyscale. - Uncompressed, PackBits, LZW. * Some new tiny helper functions (nothing too fancy). * Huge performances improvement. v3.0 January 2013 * Simplification of the 'Pixel' typeclass, removed many unused part. * Removal of some Storable instances for pixel types. * Amelioration of the documentation. * Support for High Dynamic range images, opening support for different pixel base component. * Support for the Radiance file format (or RGBE, file extension .pic and .hdr). * Dropped the cereal library in favor of the last version of Binary, present in the Haskell platform. Every dependencies are now present in the platform. v2.0.2 October 2012 * Decoding of interleaved gif image. * Decoding delta coded gif animation. * Bumping dependencies. v2.0.1 September 2012 * Documentation enhancements. * Fixing some huge gif file loading. * Fixing performance problem of Bitmap and Jpeg savings. v2.0 September 2012 * New extractComponent version with type safe plane extraction. * Gif file reading. v1.3 June 2012 * Fix extractComponent function. * Adding saving for YA8 functions. v1.2.1 April 2012 * Dependencies version bump. * Dropping array dependency. v1.2 March 2012 * Adding a generateImage helper function. * Adding NFData instances for image. * Adding JPEG writing. v1.1 February 2012 * Switching to vector for arrays, big performance improvement. v1.0 January 2012 * Initial release