L-seed-0.1: Plant growing programming game



This module contians the main nobs to control the game play.

All length data is relative to the screen width.



ticksPerDay :: IntegerSource

Light and growths interpolation frequency

growthPerDayAndLight :: DoubleSource

Plant length growth per Day and Light

1 means: Can grow one stipeLength during one day, when catching the sunlight with one branch of (projected) length screenwidth

smallPlantBoostSize :: DoubleSource

Plants up to this size get an boost in growths

smallPlantBoostLength :: DoubleSource

Minimum growths for plants of size less then smallPlantBoostSize

costPerLength :: DoubleSource

Cost (in light units) per (length for maintaining the plant)^2, to limit the growth of the plants

seedGrowthCost :: DoubleSource

Cost (in length growths equivalent) per seed to be grown

lightFalloff :: DoubleSource

Branch translucency. Proportion of light that is let through by a plant

dayLength :: DoubleSource

Length of one day, in seconds

minAngle :: DoubleSource

Minimum radial angular distance between two branches