LambdaHack-0.2.8: A roguelike game engine in early and active development

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A set of atomic commands shared by client and server. These are the largest building blocks that have no components that can be observed in isolation.

We try to make atomic commands respect the laws of energy and mass conservation, unless they really can't, e.g., monster spawning. For example item removal from inventory is not an atomic command, but item dropped from the inventory to the ground is. This makes it easier to undo the commands. In principle, the commands are the only way to affect the basic game state (State).




data CmdAtomic Source

Abstract syntax of atomic commands.


CreateActorA ActorId Actor [(ItemId, Item)] 
DestroyActorA ActorId Actor [(ItemId, Item)] 
CreateItemA ItemId Item Int Container 
DestroyItemA ItemId Item Int Container 
SpotActorA ActorId Actor [(ItemId, Item)] 
LoseActorA ActorId Actor [(ItemId, Item)] 
SpotItemA ItemId Item Int Container 
LoseItemA ItemId Item Int Container 
MoveActorA ActorId Point Point 
WaitActorA ActorId Time Time 
DisplaceActorA ActorId ActorId 
MoveItemA ItemId Int Container Container 
AgeActorA ActorId Time 
HealActorA ActorId Int 
HasteActorA ActorId Speed 
PathActorA ActorId (Maybe [Vector]) (Maybe [Vector]) 
ColorActorA ActorId (Maybe Color) (Maybe Color) 
QuitFactionA FactionId (Maybe Actor) (Maybe Status) (Maybe Status) 
LeadFactionA FactionId (Maybe ActorId) (Maybe ActorId) 
DiplFactionA FactionId FactionId Diplomacy Diplomacy 
AlterTileA LevelId Point (Id TileKind) (Id TileKind) 
SearchTileA ActorId Point (Id TileKind) (Id TileKind) 
SpotTileA LevelId [(Point, Id TileKind)] 
LoseTileA LevelId [(Point, Id TileKind)] 
AlterSmellA LevelId Point (Maybe Time) (Maybe Time) 
SpotSmellA LevelId [(Point, Time)] 
LoseSmellA LevelId [(Point, Time)] 
AgeLevelA LevelId Time 
AgeGameA Time 
DiscoverA LevelId Point ItemId (Id ItemKind) 
CoverA LevelId Point ItemId (Id ItemKind) 
PerceptionA LevelId PerActor PerActor 
RestartA FactionId Discovery FactionPers State Bool Text 
RestartServerA State 
ResumeA FactionId FactionPers 
ResumeServerA State 
KillExitA FactionId 
MsgAllA Msg