LambdaHack- A game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers

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AI strategies to direct actors not controlled directly by human players. No operation in this module involves the State or Action type.



data Strategy a Source

A strategy is a choice of (non-empty) frequency tables of possible actions.


Alternative Strategy 
Monad Strategy

Strategy is a monad. TODO: Can we write this as a monad transformer?

Functor Strategy 
MonadPlus Strategy 
Applicative Strategy 
Foldable Strategy 
Traversable Strategy 
Show a => Show (Strategy a) 

liftFrequency :: Frequency a -> Strategy a Source

Strategy where only the actions from the given single frequency table can be picked.

(.|) :: Strategy a -> Strategy a -> Strategy a infixr 2 Source

Strategy with the actions from both argument strategies, with original frequencies.

reject :: Strategy a Source

Strategy with no actions at all.

(.=>) :: Bool -> Strategy a -> Strategy a infix 3 Source

Conditionally accepted strategy.

only :: (a -> Bool) -> Strategy a -> Strategy a Source

Strategy with all actions not satisfying the predicate removed. The remaining actions keep their original relative frequency values.

bestVariant :: Strategy a -> Frequency a Source

When better choices are towards the start of the list, this is the best frequency of the strategy.

renameStrategy :: Text -> Strategy a -> Strategy a Source

Overwrite the description of all frequencies within the strategy.

returN :: Text -> a -> Strategy a Source

Like return, but pick a name of the single frequency.

mapStrategyM :: Monad m => (a -> m (Maybe b)) -> Strategy a -> m (Strategy b) Source