LambdaHack- A game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers

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Semantics of Cmd client commands that return server commands. A couple of them do not take time, the rest does. Here prompts and menus and displayed, but any feedback resulting from the commands (e.g., from inventory manipulation) is generated later on, for all clients that witness the results of the commands. TODO: document


Commands that usually take time

waitHuman :: MonadClientUI m => m (RequestTimed AbWait) Source

Leader waits a turn (and blocks, etc.).

describeItemHuman :: MonadClientUI m => ItemDialogMode -> m (SlideOrCmd (RequestTimed AbMoveItem)) Source

Display items from a given container store and describe the chosen one.

alterDirHuman :: MonadClientUI m => [Trigger] -> m (SlideOrCmd (RequestTimed AbAlter)) Source

Ask for a direction and alter a tile, if possible.

triggerTileHuman :: MonadClientUI m => [Trigger] -> m (SlideOrCmd (RequestTimed AbTrigger)) Source

Leader tries to trigger the tile he's standing on.

Commands that never take time