MFlow-0.0.4: Web application server with stateful, type safe user interactions and widget combinators.

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered






(<++) :: Monad m => Html -> View Html m a -> View Html m aSource

prepend Html formatting to a widget

bold << hi there
  widget widget1

(<+>) :: Monad m => View Html m a' -> View Html m b' -> View Html m (Either a' b')Source

join two widgets in the same pages the resulting widget, when asked with it, returns a either one or the other

r - ask widget widget1 <+ widget widget2

(++>) :: Monad m => View Html m a -> Html -> View Html m aSource

append Html to a widget

widget widget1
 H1 << hi there

(<<<) :: Monad m => (Html -> Html) -> View Html m a -> View Html m aSource

encloses a widget in Html formatting

table <<< (
      tr <<< (td << widget widget1)
      tr <<< (td << widget widget2))