MFlow- Web app server for stateful processes with safe, composable user interfaces.

Safe HaskellNone



A file server for frequently accessed files, such are static web pages and image decorations, icons etc that are cached (memoized) according with the Data.TCache policies in the program space. This avoid the blocking of the efficient GHC threads by frequent IO calls.So it enhances the performance in the context of heavy concurrence. It uses Memoization. The caching-uncaching follows the setPersist criteria.



addFileServerWF :: IO ()Source

Is the flow to be added to the list in order to stream any file from the filesystem for example, images

This app includes the fileServe flow:

 main= do
   addMessageFlows messageFlows
   run 80  hackMessageFlow
   messageFlows=  [("noscript" , transient $ runFlow showStories)
                  ,(admin"    , transient $ runFlow admin)
                  ,(mail"     , transient $ runFlow mail)]

Add the fileServer to the list of server flows

linkFile :: String -> StringSource

Creates the url of file path. To be used in ordinary links to files. in Text.XHtml, a image would be embeded as

 image ![src $ linkFile imagepath]

in HSP:

 <img src=(linkFile imagepath)\>

Given the relative path of a file, it return the content of the href element in a html link

setFilesPath :: String -> IO ()Source

Set the path of the files in the web server. The links to the files are relative to it