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MaintainerJohn Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
HVFSStat objects
HVFS objects & types

Utilities for creating instances of the items defined in System.IO.HVFS.

Copyright (c) 2004 John Goerzen, jgoerzen@complete.org

data SimpleStat = SimpleStat {
isFile :: Bool
fileSize :: FileOffset
data MemoryVFS
newMemoryVFS :: [MemoryNode] -> IO MemoryVFS
newMemoryVFSRef :: IORef [MemoryNode] -> IO MemoryVFS
type MemoryNode = (String, MemoryEntry)
data MemoryEntry
= MemoryDirectory [MemoryNode]
| MemoryFile String
nice_slice :: String -> [String]
getFullPath :: HVFS a => a -> String -> IO String
getFullSlice :: HVFS a => a -> String -> IO [String]
HVFSStat objects
data SimpleStat Source
A simple System.IO.HVFS.HVFSStat class that assumes that everything is either a file or a directory.
isFile :: BoolTrue if file, False if directory
fileSize :: FileOffsetSet to 0 if unknown or a directory
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HVFS objects & types
data MemoryVFS Source
An in-memory read/write filesystem. Think of it as a dynamically resizable ramdisk written in Haskell.
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newMemoryVFS :: [MemoryNode] -> IO MemoryVFSSource
Create a new MemoryVFS object from an existing tree. An empty filesystem may be created by using [] for the parameter.
newMemoryVFSRef :: IORef [MemoryNode] -> IO MemoryVFSSource
Create a new MemoryVFS object using an IORef to an existing tree.
type MemoryNode = (String, MemoryEntry)Source
The basic node of a MemoryVFS. The String corresponds to the filename, and the entry to the contents.
data MemoryEntry Source
The content of a file or directory in a MemoryVFS.
MemoryDirectory [MemoryNode]
MemoryFile String
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nice_slice :: String -> [String]Source

Similar to System.Path.NameManip but the first element won't be /.

nice_slice "/" -> []
nice_slice "/foo/bar" -> ["foo", "bar"]
getFullPath :: HVFS a => a -> String -> IO StringSource
Gets a full path, after investigating the cwd.
getFullSlice :: HVFS a => a -> String -> IO [String]Source
Gets the full path via getFullPath, then splits it via nice_slice.
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