Changelog for MonadRandom-0.5.3

0.5.3 (8 April 2021)

0.5.2 (24 June 2020) (18 Jan 2020) (21 May 2018)

0.5.1 (9 February 2017)

Re-export System.Random from Control.Monad.Random.{Lazy,Strict} and hence also from Control.Monad.Random.

0.5 (3 January 2017)

This release has quite a few small additions as well as a big module reorganization. However, thanks to module re-exports, most existing code using the library should continue to work with no changes; the major version bump reflects the large reorganization and my inability to 100% guarantee that existing user code will not break.

The biggest changes that may be of interest to users of the library include new lazy vs strict variants of the Rand monad; a new MonadInterleave class which is a big improvement over MonadSplit; new PrimMonad instances; and new random selection functions like weighted, weightedMay, uniformMay, etc.. See the list below for full details.

Although there was some discussion of generalizing MonadRandom to work for a wider range of underlying generators (see #26, #31, and comments on this blog post), I decided to punt on that for now. It seems rather complicated and there are already good alternatives so I decided to keep things simple for this release. I'm still open to proposals for generalizing future releases.

Changes in 0.5 include: (21 April 2016) (18 January 2016) (16 January 2016)

0.4.2 (16 January 2016)

0.4.1 (20 November 2015)

This should again technically require a major version bump, but I'm not doing it this time in the interest of not being super annoying. If this breaks something for you, just yell, and I will deprecate this version and do a proper 0.5 release.

0.4 (12 May 2015)

A major version bump is required by the PVP since the types of all the above methods have changed, but this release is again very unlikely to break any client code. (30 March 2015) (24 November 2014)

0.3 (4 September 2014)

Note that a major version bump is required by the PVP since the types of liftRand and liftRandT have changed, but this release is highly unlikely to break any client code. (24 August 2014)

0.2 (20 August 2014)

0.1.13 (9 February 2014)

0.1.12 (30 September 2013)

0.1.11 (1 August 2013)

0.1.10 (16 July 2013)

0.1.9 (26 April 2013)