Nomyx-Rules-0.0.2: Language to express rules for Nomic

Safe HaskellNone



This file gives a list of example rules that the players can submit. You can copy-paste them in the field Code of the web GUI. Don't hesitate to get inspiration from there and create your own rules!



nothing :: RuleFuncSource

A rule that does nothing

helloWorld :: RuleFuncSource

A rule that says hello to all players

accounts :: StringSource

account variable name

createBankAccount :: RuleFuncSource

Create a bank account for each players

winXEcuPerDay :: Int -> RuleFuncSource

each player wins X Ecu each day you can also try with minutly, monthly as recurrences and everything in time-recurrence

winXEcuOnRuleAccepted :: Int -> RuleFuncSource

a player wins X Ecu if a rule proposed is accepted

moneyTransfer :: RuleFuncSource

a player can transfer money to another player

delRule :: RuleNumber -> RuleFuncSource

delete a rule

makeKing :: PlayerNumber -> RuleFuncSource

player pn is the king

monarchy :: RuleFuncSource

Monarchy: only the king decides which rules to accept or reject

revolution :: PlayerNumber -> RuleFuncSource

Revolution! Hail to the king! This rule suppresses the democracy (usually rules 1 and 2), installs the king and activates monarchy.

victoryXRules :: Int -> RuleFuncSource

set the victory for players having more than X accepted rules

displayTime :: RuleFuncSource

will display the time to all players in 5 seconds