Changelog for Nomyx-0.7.6

v0.8: - new GUI with tabbed presentation - new games can be created starting from an existing one - the owner of a private game can force a new rule to be accepted ("admin submit") V0.7: - full FRP engine for managing events - dynamic events: event tree is recomputed at each request - event is now an instance of Monad, MonadPlus - added typeclass "Shortcut" for interruptible events - bug fixes, cosmetics V0.6: - added composable events: events have now an Applicative and Alternative interfaces - moved the Engine part from Nomyx-Language to Nomyx-Core. Nomyx-Language now contains only the DSL useful for the player. - bug fixes, cosmetics V0.5: - split the game into 4 packages: Nomyx-Language, Nomyx-Core, Nomyx-Web and Nomyx. - use Eason for serialization - use Travis for continuous integration - protect the game againts malicious codes (a la mueval) - separate effectful instructions from non effectful instructions in the DSL - possibility to fork games to test own rules in a sandbox game - "check rule" button to type check a rule - bug fixes, cosmetics V0.4: - created language APIs - building on Windows (thanks to Michael Steele) - tar file for downloading game save files - outputs includes viewers (not only players) - splitted Definition into Events, Inputs, Outputs, Players, Variables V0.3: - creation of admin role - inputs made by the rules now include checkboxes, buttons, textarea - outputs made by the rules are now managed (create, update, delete) - refactored the GUI - bumped to GHC 7.6 - compilation errors are displayed in context - bug fixes V0.2: - new login system: you can now login with your Google, Yahoo, Live Journal, Myspace, OpenId or Facebook accounts (thanks to happstack-authenticate)! - new DSL for voting - styling: rule code colorized, better settings and help - use cookies to store the user ID (as suggested on this mailing list) - new error system to handle exceptions in rules (with ErrorT) - use lenses